WP at Home

WP at Home is our home delivery service for the same premium quality products served at Hong Kong’s finest restaurants. Over the years of serving Hong Kong’s best restaurants we have built relationships with some of the worlds most exclusive producers. Through WP at Home we can now offer a selection of our specially curated products, like our Australian Beef (free of hormones and antibiotics )and Fresh New Zealand King Salmon, to be delivered directly to your dining table.

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Ora King Salmon (NZ) (Fresh)
Wagyu "Golden Coin" Shin
NZ King Salmon (Frozen)
XL Chosu Dori Chicken-2.5 kgs(Frozen)
Terrine Chicken, Truffle, and Leek Terrine 150 gram
Terrine Duck & Prune 150 gram
Belazu Tagine Paste (170g)
Belazu Black Olive Tapenade (170g)
Belazu Apricot Harissa (170g)
Duck & Cherry Pate, 150g
Belazu Roasted Pepper Tapenade (170g)
Belazu Shawarma Paste (130g)
Belazu Ve-Du-Ya Vegan 'Nduja (170g)
Belazu Cured Lemon Paste (170g)
Belazu Truffle and Artichoke Pesto (165g)
Belazu Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto (165g)
Belazu Traditional Genovese Basil (165g)
Belazu Chilli & Basil Pesto (165g)