COVID 19 Precaution Guidelines

At Waves Pacific, the safety of our produce and the health of our staff and our customers is our top priority.

As a premium produce provider, implementing the highest standards when it comes to food safety measures has always been paramount to how we operate. Since the emergence of COVID-19 we have put rigorous additional measures in place in compliance with CHP recommendations to ensure the continued safety of our products, which include:

-          Compulsory daily temperature checks for all staff upon entering the office building by the office management company and once again upon entering the office space. Likewise, for delivery and production line staff in their place of work. A record is taken of all daily temperatures.

-          Staff to wear a face mask at all times in all premises and when out on delivery.

-          Frequent cleaning of doorknobs and high contact surfaces with disinfectant that meets FEHD criteria for use against COVID-19 every 1 hour.

-          Compulsory regular hand washing is required by all staff with liquid soap and water and rub for at least 20 seconds. Production staff who handle raw product required to wear disposable plastic gloves.

-          Disinfectant stations are placed throughout office and a personal carry size 70% to 80% alcohol-based hand rub are provided to staff

-          All products are delivered in vacuum sealed plastic packaging or sealed packing and are completely traceable.

-          Food safe Ecolab disinfectant spray is used to sanitize the exterior of the packaging only (this does not have contact with the raw product)

-          In cases of suspected close contact staff are required to get tested immediately and will not be permitted back for a period of 7 days and negative RAT tests. 

-          If any employee becomes sick or displays symptoms during the day they are sent home immediately.

-          Where possible, work from home arrangements are made for staff in order to reduce unnecessary contact and minimize risk of exposure.

-          Staff contact with the product minimized to only when it is absolutely necessary.

-          Health declarations signed by staff that they have not and will need to notify the company if they travel or anyone in the household have traveled to/from a high-risk area.

-          ISOO2200 certification third body auditing that helps ensure the highest standards and procedures for Food Safety are in place

-          Clear guidelines and procedures in place to notify customers if needed.

-          Plastic dividers are used to enact social distancing within the office and production room staff implement social distancing where feasible.


Rest assured we will continue to maintain these measures to the highest standards and ensure that we continue to deliver the finest restaurant quality products in the safest way possible.