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Waves Pacific was founded in 2002 by Jason Lo, whose primary focus was to import quality products from quality niche suppliers to Hong Kong and Macau restaurants. The desire came from noticing a lack of premium consistency when dining out, particularly as a steak lover himself. What started with Australian Wagyu Beef, has since then expanded to seafood and other premium goods. In 2020 Waves Pacific launched ‘WP at Home’ to ultimately change the retail experience and bring premium restaurant-quality items straight to people’s doors.

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Jason Lo

Our Founder & Managing Director

Our Story

Over the years, the demand of beef shifted to healthier alternatives (including Lo’s personal palette), and as a result, Waves Pacific happily introduced seafood and other premium fine goods to its offering. Although many would deem the Hong Kong market as “crowded”, Jason feels there is always room to bring in new products providing that they are approachable and special. To ensure the best of the best, Jason is continuously and personally involved with each step of the supply chain – from visiting the farms to asking his customers for direct feedback. This has always allowed him to steadily control both the wholesale and retail side of the business.Now, the Waves Pacific product portfolio includes a wide range of items. They are the proud distributors of Mayura Station Wagyu, Rangers Valley WX Wagyu, and Ora King Salmon, with more to come soon.

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Sustainable Sourcing

Waves Pacific takes great pride in being sustainable and ethical where and when possible. Many of our meat, seafood and gourmet products originate from farms and producers which do not use hormones or antibiotics, and who practice environmentally sustainable production methods.

Some of the products we carry hold the highest certifications such as the Green Rating for Sustainable Practices by the Monterey Seafood Watch for Ora King Salmon, 4-star Sustainability Rating by Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) for Ora King Salmon, the 1999 Biodiversity and Environment Protection Act for Spanner Crab, to name a few.

Moreover, Waves Pacific is a Supplier Member of Future Green, a sustainability consultancy with a focus on food that supports the F&B and retail sector in anticipating and taking action on future challenges.

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Online Marketplace

Enjoy our home delivery service for the same premium quality products served at Hong Kong’s finest restaurants. Throughout the years of serving Hong Kong’s top establishments, Waves Pacific have built relationships with some of the world’s most exclusive producers. Through WP at Home, we now offer a selection of our specially curated products, like our Australian Beef (free of hormones and antibiotics), and Fresh New Zealand King Salmon - all delivered straight to your door.


Waves Pacific prides themselves on partnering with some of the city’s top restaurants and culinary institutions – all of whom share a common vision of working with quality and consistency. For a full product listing and price quotation feel free to contact us.

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