Australian Aquna Murray Cod Fillet (approx 400g) (Frozen)

Murray cod is Australia’s premium native fish—one of the largest freshwater fish in the world. It is often served as a fine-dining fish at top Australian restaurants. 

This high-quality Murray cod is grown in open ponds on the Murray-Darling Basin River system, the fish’s native environment. These ideal conditions make our Murray Cod the best-tasting on the market.

Murray Cod is mild and creamy in flavor with a tender texture.

This versatile ingredient also provides a new and flexible way for home cooking.

✅ No antibiotics and hormones are used at any stage during Murray cod production.
✅ No organic waste is sent to landfill during production. 
✅ Reusable nutrient-rich water returns to crops and pastures.
✅ Working with the AU government restocking program. Millions of fingerlings have been bred and released to help restore populations in their natural habitat.
✅ Murray cod is listed with a green tick as a Better Choice by the Good Fish Guide

A pack may contain 1-3 fillets. 

This is a Frozen Product.


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