Wagyu Full Blood 9+ Ribeye Steaks


May 08-14 2024 Mother's Day Exclusive Offer Only: 


Purchase a 2 x 350g Wagyu Full Blood M9+ Ribeye Steak pack.

and Get a pack of Chilled Öra King Salmon (300g) for FREE.




Purchase a 2 x 250g Wagyu Full Blood M9+ Ribeye Steak pack. 

to avail a pack of Chilled Öra King Salmon (300g) at a discounted price of HK$ 100.


Please add the salmon to your cart manually.


The Ribeye comes from the rib section and is one of the most prized steaks. Combined with excellent marbling and flavour, this steak will often have a loin and cap muscle section.

Our Australian Full Blood Producers have spent years developing programs to deliver the optimal Wagyu beef experience. Only cattle whose heritage can be 100% traced back to original Japanese Wagyu bloodlines can be considered Full Blood Wagyu. This means they have not been crossbred with other cattle, such as Angus or Holstein. 

This provides greater consistency in meat quality and marbling and is something only the most dedicated producers pursue.

They are free of hormones and antibiotics. 

This product is Chilled.


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