Forager Freeze Dried Cherries


Freeze Dried Tasmanian Cherries (15 grams)

If youâ're looking for a 100% Australian, 100% Tasmanian, healthy, delicious snack then you've come to the right place. Forager Fruits 100% Tasmanian Freeze Dried Cherries are exactly what it says on the packet: 100% Tasmanian Cherries, free from gluten, sulphur, added sugar, artificial/added colours or flavours, and free from water! They are simply full of taste and huge crunch!

Forager Fruits Freeze Dried Tasmanian Cherries are made from sweet, juicy cherries. They are washed, pitted and frozen. After spending some time in the freeze-dryer they emerge as crunchy delicious Freeze Dried Tasmanian Cherries! We pack them into our specialist packaging and wait for your order! Our Freeze Dried Tasmanian Cherries have 2 years of shelf life, so be sure to stock up!

Each bag of Freeze Dried Tasmanian Cherries contains the equivalent 145 grams of fresh Cherries or more than 1 daily fruit serve.


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