Family Pack

WP at Home's Family Pack is made up with some of our most popular items! It includes a selection of our best sellers and then a choice of some of our featured items! There is also an option to add 2 steaks from a choice of our premium quality beef.

It includes:

2 x Sagabuta Pork Char Siu (Frozen)

1 x pack Minced Pork 450 gram (Frozen)

2 x Japanese Chicken Thigh (Frozen)

2 x 300 gram pieces Frozen King Salmon

1 Pack Japanese Taiyouran Eggs (10pcs)

and then a choice of ONE of the following

1 x 200 gram Moreton Bay Flathead Lobster (frozen)

1 x 300 gram Patagonian Toothfish (frozen)

2 x Wagyu Beef Cheek (chilled)

4 x Sagabuta Pork Chop

2 x pieces 300 gram Angus Stir Fry

Finally there is an UPGRADE option to include 2 x 350 gram steaks:

You can add a Ribeye or Striploin from our range of Grass Fed Angus, 350 Day Grain Fed Angus/Wagyu Cross, or our 9+ Wagyu Ribeye and Mayura Striploin!

Option 1
Steaks 2 x 350 grams (Optional)

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Recipes Inspiration

Looking for some ideas or need some tips? We will be compiling a list of recipes and cooking tips for inspiration to help ease your way in the kitchen. (Including some from Hong Kong’s top chefs!)