Australian Gourmet BBQ Set (6-8 People)

Bring your BBQ up a notch with this selection of some of Australia's finest! Our BBQ set highlights the the great farmers and producers that we have spent years working with. From our lamb raised on the southern coastal region of the Bass Strait (Roaring Forties Lamb) to our naturally reared jumbo quails unique to Australia these items represent the best of what Australia offers. Definitely delicious and uniquely Australian!

Product Details

Each set will include:

  • 4x butterflied quail

  • 2 lamb rack portioned into cutlets (7-8 pieces)

  • 1 pack Moreton Bay Bugs

  • Tasman Sea Salt

Choice of:

  • 8 x Hamburger Patties (170 gr/patty)

  • 4 x 350 gram Angus Grain Fed Striploins

  • 4 x 350 gram Grass Fed Angus Ribeye Steaks

  • 2 x Grass Fed Angus Bone in Ribeye

  • 2 x 450 gram Full Blood Wagyu Striploin 9+

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