Jumbo Quails

Through 25 years of selective breeding, Brisbane Valley Protein’s Jumbo Quails yields birds that are up to 30% larger than the average market quail at a weight ranging from 250-500 grams a bird. The premium quality of their birds are based purely on superior genetics and are free of hormones and antibiotics.

We offer both whole and butterflied birds.

Chosu Dori Chicken

Chosu Dori are raised along the Chosu River in the Yamaguchi prefecture of Japan. Grown in a free open area the health of the chickens are of the farmers paramount concern; not only are they given the proper amount of space to roam freely, their diet is built to make sure there is no need for antibiotics. The farmers feed the chickens what they call the “Three Herbs” diet; rosemary, thyme, and sage; to boost their immunity in a natural way.