Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod

The name ‘Aquna’ is derived from the word
“Akuna” – an Australian aboriginal word meaning flowing water’.


Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod produces great-tasting premium Murray cod, fully traceable from farm to plate, in a way that respects the environment and our community. Their farms are located in the Riverina region in Australia. Nutrient-rich water is used to irrigate crops and pastures, improving the agriculture environment and continually improving the way protein is produced.

Better Choice by the Good Fish Guide

The Good Fish Guide is a sustainability initiative by the Australian Marine Conservation Society. The guide is an independent reference that lists species of Australian seafood and gives them a rating depending on sustainability. It helps chefs and consumers make informed decisions on the seafood they eat and serve. Sustainably-farmed Murray cod has a ‘Green’ rating in the guide.