N25 stands for the extraordinary origin that makes their product truly unique. Located at 25° north latitude in Yunnan Province of China, our aquaculture facility sits in the Yunnan plateau, known as China’s hidden gem of natural beauty. It provides us with the cleanest air, purest spring water, and the optimal climate to raise the sturgeons that give birth to our caviar.
One of the most defining factors in achieving the complex flavor profile is their unique aging process. During aging, as fermentation takes place and proteins break down to amino-acids, caviar gradually develops complex and rich flavors. Because their sturgeons are twice as old as those used by others, they produce high quality roes that allow N25 to age them for an extended period of time of 3 to 6 months. At the end of the aging period, the membrane of caviar becomes more translucent while retaining elasticity. This unique aging process gives N25 Caviar nutty and floral tastes on the palate with the right balance of saltiness, creaminess, and sea flavor, an umami experience with every spoon.

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