Blue Hills Manuka Honey-Methylglyoxal 30+mg/kg (Tasmania)

The manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium) is found in remote parts of Tasmania and New Zealand. Indeed, “Evidence suggests that L. scoparium originated in Australia before the onset of the Miocene aridity, and dispersed relatively recently from eastern Australia to New Zealand.”

While processed honey, including that derived from the Manuka bush, has been produced in Tasmania since European bees were introduced here in the early 1830s, there is also documented evidence back to 1884 for the term ‘Manuka’ being produced in Tasmania.

Manuka honey has long been reputed for its antibacterial properties. Indeed, in 2006, the naturally occurring compound, Methylglyoxal, was identified as the dominant antibacterial constituent of Manuka honey. Our family takes great care to ensure the purity of our Manuka honey, and its Methylglyoxal content has been measured and labelled on this jar.

Enjoyed for its eating quality as well as its other benefits, Manuka honey has a strong, earthy flavour.

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